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Minimally Invasive Spine Treatments

Minimally Invasive Spine Treatments

At Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute, we offer minimally invasive spine surgery, with back and neck procedures done through incisions as small as 3 mm. We perform pain mapping so precise that one minimally invasive spine surgery can remove a lifetime of agony. Our state-of-the-art spine surgery often only requires a Band-Aid® for healing. With MISI Doctors, advances in minimally invasive spine surgery are happening every day. Find out today how we can end your back and neck pain forever through minimally invasive spine surgery.



  • Minimally Invasive TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion)

    Minimally Invasive TLIF


    A transformational lumbar interbody fusion is a surgical procedure used to relieve pain and discomfort from the compression of nerve roots in the lumbar spine.

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  • Minimally Invasive XLIF (Lateral Lumbar Interbody Stabilization)

    Minimally Invasive XLIF


    A lateral lumbar interbody fusion is a surgical procedure to relieve pain and discomfort in the back or legs, generally resulting from degenerative disc disease.

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  • Intralaminar Lumbar Microendoscopic Discectomy

    Intralaminar Lumbar Microendoscopic Discectomy


    An intralaminar lumbar microendoscopic discectomy is a surgical procedure to relieve pain from irritated nerve roots being pressed upon by herniated disc tissue.

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  • Kyphoplasty/ Vertebroplasty

    Kyphoplasty/ Vertebroplasty


    Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are two similar procedures used to treat spine fractures caused by osteoporosis. Both procedures are performed to provide relief from back pain as well as to help straighten the spine.

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  • Facet Fixation

    Facet Fixation


    A facet fixation is a surgical procedure to help stabilize the spine by installing specialized bolts into the facet joints of two or more vertebrae, locking the vertebrae together and increasing spinal stabilization.

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  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant (SCS)

    Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant


    A spinal cord stimulator implant uses a surgical procedure to implant a spinal cord stimulator. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) relieves chronic back, arm and leg pain through the use of electrical impulses.

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  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

    Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion


    An anterior cervical disectomy and fusion is a surgical procedure to relieve neck and arm pain caused by a herniated or diseased disc pressing on nerve roots or the spinal cord.

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  • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdecompression

    Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdecompression


    A lumbar microdecompression is a surgical procedure to ease pain and eliminate symptoms by relieving compression of nerve roots in the lumbar spine.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy

    Stem Cell Therapy


    Stem cells are a small population of cells living within each adult’s body that have the ability to become any type of cell.

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Non-Surgical Treatments

  • • Caudal Steroid Injection
    • Celiac Plexus Block
    • Cervical Steroid Injection
    • Continuous Catheter Nerve Blocks
    • Disc Denervation
    • Discography
    • Epidural Steroid Injection
    • Facet Injections
  • • Ganglion Impar Block
    • Medial Branch Blocks
    • Occipital Nerve Block
    • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
    • Radiofrequency Ablation
    • Sacroiliac Pain Treatments
    • Superior Hypogastric Plexus Block
    • Sympathetic Block