Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement Procedure

The artificial cervical disc replacement is a surgical procedure that allows our skilled surgeons to extract an unhealthy or damaged disc, utilizing an artificial replacement to heighten and decompress the area after extraction.


The artificial cervical disc replacement allows our surgeons to remove damaged discs without fusing the adjacent vertebrae.

This procedure allows patients to regain complete motion in the impacted area, while protecting and stabilizing the spine in ways that other, more invasive procedures may prohibit.

What is our artificial cervical disc replacement?

During this procedure, our skilled surgeons enter the impacted area at the level of the damaged disc. After locating the disc, the surgeon will use special tools to extract the damaged tissue, while holding the disc area open to prevent compression.

Once the damaged or diseased disc is extracted, the surgeon is able to insert an artificial disc, used to heighten the area and protect the surround nerves and nerve roots, ultimately adding increased stability to the area.

Common spine conditions treated by our artificial cervical disc replacement?

The human spine is comprised of vertebrae, each which are cushioned by intervertebral discs. During the natural aging process, these discs that sit between the vertebrae often begin to degenerate, causing them to shrink in size, which can cause the surrounding nerves or nerve roots to become compressed or impinged. This degenerative disc disease can also be caused by accident or injury in some patients, and can result in debilitating pain and symptoms.

Our artificial cervical disc replacement is used to remove these damaged discs, as well as other disc-related symptoms that cause chronic pain, including:

If you are suffering from these or similar conditions, you may be able to find relief through our artificial cervical disc replacement.

Common symptoms relieved by our artificial cervical disc replacement?

This procedure is able to alleviate a number of chronic symptoms that are caused when the above disc-related conditions cause nerve or spinal cord impingement or compression, including:

  • Loss of control or motion
  • Inability to move without pain
  • Numbness in hands or arms
  • Radiating pain down arms
  • Weakness in hands or arms
  • Tingling in hands or arms
  • Localized pain in the neck

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