Back & Neck Surgery

Living with chronic and severe pain caused by some of the most common neck and back conditions can be debilitating. If you have lived a life of suffering, you may be asking yourself whether a neck or back surgery is right for you.

Here are a few questions we recommend asking before ever opting into treatment with any neck or back surgeon:

How long will my recovery be?

Understanding the associated recovery time with each procedure is an important piece of understanding whether the chosen treatment plan will be best for your lifestyle. Our procedures at the DFW Spine Institute are generally accompanied by a one to six week recovery time, with patients up and walking the same day as their procedure.

How invasive is this procedure?

Not all spine surgery is created equal. With most traditional approaches, there is a great deal of cutting and tearing of surrounding muscles, ligaments and tissue. This can cause you immense postoperative pain, and extended healing times. At the DFW Spine Institute , our procedures are specifically created to impose the least amount of trauma to the body, eliminating any unnecessary cutting or tearing.

How was my surgeon trained?

Like not all surgery is created equal, not all surgeons are created equally either. It is important to understand the training process that your surgeon has been through as well as how long your surgeon has been performing minimally invasive procedures. Will your surgeon or a resident be performing your spine surgery? This will assist you in understanding the level of knowledge and skill that the surgeon brings to your procedure.

At the DFW Spine Institute , our surgeons have many years of minimally invasive surgical experience and carry a number of awards and recognitions, including board-certification, while all of our specialists are fellowship trained.

If you are in pain and exploring the available treatment options, contact us today for more information.