Back Pain Myths

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Back Pain Myth Busters

Common Myths About Back Pain

Back pain is bad enough, and myths about the issue can make it worse. Roughly 8 out of 10 people in America will experience back pain at some point in their life, and being able to separate fact from fiction can be important in dealing with it and knowing when to take it easy for a while or when to get help from a spine specialist.

Back Pain MythsMyth 1 – Rest heals back pain

While rest is important and recommended for back pain, it is not always the key to a healthy recovery. Some instances require more extensive recovery methods, and rest can actually be harmful to recovery. When experiencing severe or prolonged back pain, you should always consult a doctor.

Myth 2 – Sitting up straight can prevent back pain

Back Pain and PostureWhile slouching is bad for the back, sitting up straight for too long can strain the back. Lean back in your chair occasionally to create a curve in your back, and walk around during the day as much as possible. If you sit at a desk for long periods of time, chairs that allow you to place your weight on you legs and knees can help remove pressure from your spine. Below is a video of a few key preventative stretches from the DFW Spine Institute that you can easily do at the office to help avoid back or neck strain.

Back StretchesMyth 3 – I’m active, so I won’t have back pain when I’m older

Active Back PainAnyone can experience back pain, regardless of their lifestyle. Being active can decrease the likelihood of back pain, but no one is immune from pain regardless of their lifestyle. Excessive weight gain can increase or lead to back pain so maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise will help ensure a healthier spine.  However, excessive or improper exercise can put extra stress on our spine.  Using proper form and techniques when exercising can help protect you from injury.

Myth 4 – My spine is fragile, so I need to take it easy to avoid hurting my back

The spine is surrounded by muscles and tendons, which give it strength and flexibility. A spine without fractures is strong, and activities like walking or aerobics can strengthen it even more.  If your doctors instructs you to avoid specific activities, it is important to follow his or her instructions.

Myth 5 – Since I have back pain, I must have torn something

Back Pain from TearPain does not always equate to damage. Sensitivity from overuse can often cause pain in the back area. However, if you are experiencing intense or chronic pain, contact a spine specialist immediately.

Myth 6 – The only way I can fix my back pain is with surgery

Many of our patients at The DFW Spine Institute don’t need surgery to relieve their pain. Through innovative pain procedures, non-surgical therapy, and rehabilitation — pain relief is possible with no incision at all.

At the DFW Spine Institute our goal is helping patients find relief. In many cases, that means assisting them in determining the exact cause of their pain through testing and diagnostic imaging so we can accurately treat the source of their pain.  Pinpointing the cause of their pain can often allow us to avoid unnecessary procedures or large surgeries.

When I opened the DFW Spine Institute , my goal was to build a patient centric center that incorporates a team of patient care advocates, therapists, chiropractors, pain management specialists, radiologists and fellowship-trained spine specialists to work as a team to help care for our patients. No patient is ever treated the same because each patient has their own specific conditions and symptoms. Each patient’s pain is unique to them. Each one of our patients has had a customized treatment plan specific to their condition, symptoms and needs.

If you are suffering through pain and chronic symptoms contact us today to speak with one of our compassionate patient care coordinators and learn more about our effective treatment process.

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