Back Pain Relief for Runners

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Back Pain Relief for Runners

By nature, running involves a lot of repetitive stress on the supporting joints in the lower part of your body. From your plantar fascia to your lumbar spine, every joint, cartilage and tissue is working together to help your body exercise. While running is a great way to take care of your body, the repeated stress on these joints can lead to worn or torn ligaments, tissue, or cartilage, which means bones and joints are rubbing together, causing pain. In other cases, discs can become damaged over time, causing people to seek back pain relief as soon as possible.

If you’re a runner, chances are you understand the pain of being on your feet for prolonged periods of time. All of the continuous stress on your feet, knees, hips and lower back can lead to some very serious complications if ignored.

  • Lower back sprains.

    One possible ailment stemming from the constant pressure of running is lower back spraining, when the muscle tissue in the lower back gets sore and painful from the pressure.

  • Herniated discs.

    The discs in your spine act as rubbery cushions between the individual bones that stack up to make your spine.

    Small tears in the disc can cause disc material to push against the spinal canal, causing pain, weakness and numbness. This is called a herniated disc. Another closely related condition is sciatica, which causes radiating pain down the legs and buttocks.

  • Degenerative discs.

    Put simply, degenerative discs are just discs in your spine that become damaged over a long period of time. The stresses of running can become too much on the spine, causing discs to wear down. This can cause pain and discomfort.

  • Plantar fasciitis.

    The plantar fascia is the shock absorber of your foot — it supports the arch of your foot and distributes pressure evenly between your heel and the ball of your foot. This tissue can become torn or damaged from the continuous pressure created by running.


While there are many ways to experience back pain relief from these conditions, there are some steps runners can take to avoid dealing with these issues altogether.


  1. Wear the right shoes

    . The right shoes can support your arch properly and give your body the cushion it needs. Always wear shoes with comfortable soles and, if necessary, with compression socks that can aid circulation.

  2. Always warm up

    . Many back and foot issues stem from not properly warming up and stretching before a run. Always be sure to acclimate your muscles and joints to the workout you’re about to do before you do it.

  3. Run on a softer surface

    . Running on concrete roads can be stressful on your joints and back, which is why it’s helpful to run on a rubber track if possible. This will give your feet a little extra support as they sustain the weight of your body while you run.

  4. Add variety to your workout

    . Work out by cross training, which will give you a little variety and prevent you from putting all the stress in just one group of body muscles and joints.


Sometimes, runners suffer from degenerative damage that requires more than just conventional back pain relief. Minimally invasive surgeries can help relieve pain with minimal down time and little complications. The ACGME fellowship-trained doctors at MISI use innovative pain mapping to pinpoint the source of pain and can come up with solutions leading to back pain relief. Are you a runner in search of an expert that can help you with foot or lower back pain relief? Make your appointment or set up a consultation at MISI today via or (855) 339-4481.

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