Dr. Michael Rimlawi, Dr. Bryce Benbow and Dr. Mike Shah Give Thanks

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From left to right: Dr. Bryce Benbow, Dr. Mike Shah and Dr. Michael Rimlawi

Throughout the year, the MISI physicians and staff, are hard at work ensuring their patients can spend their lives free from pain and discomfort.

This time of year, we’ve asked three of our physicians to reflect on what they’re most thankful for.

For Dr. Michael Rimlawi, his home and work families are at the top of the list. “I am lucky enough to have a loving family and an amazing staff,” says Dr. Rimlawi. “I am also grateful to hear from my patients after surgery that they are able to do things they thought they would never be able to do again, like pick up their children, go for a walk or return to playing golf without pain. It’s statements like this that make our efforts worthwhile.”

Dr. Bryce Benbow echoes Dr. Rimlawi’s sentiments when he thinks about what he is appreciative of. “I am thankful for my wonderful wife and children and the fortune of having a career that allows me to help others, while improving their quality of life.”

It is safe to say, at MISI, the holidays are all about family.  So when Dr. Mike Shah thinks of what he’s thankful for, his response should come as no surprise – “Family is so important this time of year, in particular. Without their support and the dedication of my staff, I wouldn’t be able to treat as many patients as I do each week.”

The opportunity to help patients find relief is something that makes Dr. Shah’s work meaningful. “The importance of treating patients with pain brings on true personal accomplishment, “ he continues,  “knowing that patients leave from our care feeling relief and ready and able to return to their lives.”

Looking back at 2014, we at MISI have a lot to be thankful for: all our wonderful doctors, our caring staff and most importantly our phenomenal patients.  We give many thanks for you and to you.

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