Dr. Mike Shah: Top Approaches to Pain Management: Which Is Right for You?

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Pain Management

By: Dr. Mike Shah, Interventional Pain Specialist & Pain Management Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Minimally Invasive Spine Institute in Dallas 

Chronic pain affects millions of people in the U.S., interfering with mobility and taking a major toll on the quality of life for those who suffer from painful symptoms day after day. Spine or back pain, neck pain and headaches are among the most common types of chronic pain issues seen in doctors’ offices today, but there are other relatively common conditions that cause chronic pain as well, including:

Although the symptoms of pain may seem similar, the causes of pain – and how it manifests itself in the body – can actually vary dramatically. That means that for long-lasting relief, the approach to pain management also needs to vary based on the patient’s symptoms, overall health, lifestyle and other factors.

Nonsurgical Options

While some types of pain are best treated with surgery (especially minimally-invasive surgical options), other types of pain can be treated using nonsurgical approaches.

  • Physical therapy can be very effective in addressing some types of pain, and it can also be very useful following surgery or as part of a comprehensive approach to care that includes other approaches as well, including medication therapy. In physical therapy, special therapeutic exercises and stretching techniques are used to improve mobility while also reducing inflammation that’s commonly associated with pain.
  • Medication therapy uses both oral medications and injection-based therapy designed to deliver medicines right to the source of pain. The latter option can be very effective for many types of spine or back pain, as well as neck pain, limb pain and fibromyalgia, where localized areas of tenderness – “trigger points” – are common source of symptoms.
  • Chiropractic care is another option for treating some types of chronic pain by readjusting the spine to relieve disc problems and nerve impingements. Therapeutic massage is also commonly used in chiropractic care to promote circulation that’s necessary for optimal healing and to help the body get rid of toxins that may be byproducts of the inflammatory process. 

Care Focused on Your Needs

At Minimally Invasive Pain Relief, our team is dedicated to identifying the specific causes of pain using state-of-the-art pain mapping and other advanced techniques so your treatment can be tailored for your needs. Our custom approach to care means you can expect optimal results for long-lasting relief, helping you get back to the activities you love. If you suffer from chronic pain, visit or call Minimally Invasive Pain Relief at 877-504-9759 and schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you feel better.

Dr. Mike ShahMike Shah

Interventional Pain Specialist, Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Minimally Invasive Spine Institute

Dr. Shah is a Harvard-trained physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation who is dedicated to providing pain relief to residents of the Dallas area since 2003. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duke University and his medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Shah also received a master’s in Pharmacology from Tulane and a Master of Public Health from Tulane University School of Public Health. Following this, he completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at Harvard’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, consistently recognized as one of the Top 5 Pain Management Hospitals in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

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