Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy or care is a conservative treatment approach used to treat a number of neck and back conditions. This non-surgical alternative is often recommended at the early onset of spinal conditions and associated symptoms. Generally, chiropractic care is used to perform spinal manipulation, attempting to alleviate condition-caused pressure and eliminate pain and symptoms.

When to use Chiropractic Therapy

If you have recently been diagnosed with one or more common spinal conditions, such as bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis or radiculopathy, chiropractic care may be a good initial treatment option to explore prior to seeing a spine surgeon or undergoing surgery. In some cases, patients suffering from these conditions were able to find some relief from the pain, numbness, tingling and weakness caused by these common conditions through the spinal manipulation used during chiropractic therapy.

Will Chiropractic Therapy cure my spine condition?

Chiropractic therapy is a good alternative solution to explore if you are suffering from common spine conditions with little to moderate pain. For a number of patients, this conservative treatment option is effective in treating the pain and symptoms associated with their spinal condition. However, like most conservative treatment options, chiropractic care is not a permanent solution to your pain, and will likely not be able to “cure” your underlying spinal condition.

Conditions commonly treated with chiropractic care include:

The DFW Spine Institute Approach

Before ever recommending surgery to a patient, we always suggest exploring the conservative treatment options available, like chiropractic care, which is why we work with a number of chiropractic physicians to help patients connect with the best medical care available. At the end of the day, it is our goal to assist patients in obtaining the quality of life that they deserve—pain free. In many cases chiropractic care is able to offer patients relief from their pain and symptoms, and no further medical intervention or surgical solution is necessary. However, for some patients, conservative options like chiropractic care only temporarily mask the pain, leaving them suffering just days after being treated. For these, we offer our minimally invasive alternatives to traditional open surgery as a safe and effective solution to treating the underlying conditions that are causing their pain and symptoms.

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