Facet Injection

A facet injection is a minimally invasive procedure primarily used as a diagnostic test to assist in the diagnosis of facet joint-related conditions. However, the injection also serves to provide temporary relief from chronic neck or back pain.

When to use a Facet Injection

A facet injection can be used to locate the facet joint that is causing the patient’s pain and symptoms. By injecting a small amount of numbing agent and occasionally corticosteroid into the surrounding nerves, the doctor is able to quantify associated pain and symptoms based on the patient’s relief. Facet injections are most commonly used to pinpoint the source of pain in order to determine appropriate treatments for injury, degeneration and arthritis.

Will a Facet Injection Cure My Spine Condition?

A facet injection is used to dull the signals that are sent from the nerves surrounding the targeted facet joint. This allows the doctor to locate the exact area responsible for the patient’s debilitating pain and symptoms. Once located, the doctor will be able to recommend further treatment options. In some cases, the facet injection is used with corticosteroid on an ongoing basis to assist in treating the pain and symptoms associated with conditions like arthritis of the spine.

Because the facet injection simply numbs the nerves at the facet joint, it is not a permanent solution for pain associated with facet degeneration.

The DFW Spine Institute Approach

At the DFW Spine Institute we are dedicated to making sure that every patient finds the highest level of relief possible. After the facet injection, our expert medical professionals will be able to craft a personalized care plan to treat the underlying conditions causing your pain and symptoms.

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