Medication Therapy

Medication therapy is a conservative treatment solution in which our skilled physicians utilize a variety of medications to help alleviate the pain and symptoms caused by the most common spine conditions.

When to use Medication Therapy

If you have been diagnosed with one or more common spinal conditions, medication therapy may be an effective alternative treatment option for you to explore to reduce inflammation and assist with your pain relief. If your condition was caused by an injury, or came on suddenly, undergoing this type of treatment is usually recommended as your physician determines the longevity of your pain. In some cases, patients suffering from these common conditions were able to find relief from pain, numbness and tingling through medication therapy.

Will Medication Therapy cure my spine condition?

Medication therapy is a great conservative solution to explore if you are suffering from new onset of common spine conditions with moderate pain. However, medication therapy is generally not a “cure” for spine conditions, but rather is able to assist with the management of severe or chronic pain.

Conditions whose associated symptoms are commonly treated with medication therapy include:

The DFW Spine Institute Approach

Prior to recommending surgery, we always suggest exploring the conservative treatment options available, like medication therapy. However, depending on the level or severity of your condition, medication therapy may be insufficient in treating your underlying pain and symptoms. At the DFW Spine Institute , we are committed to helping our patients find relief from the most common spine conditions.

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