DFW Spine Institute Outcomes

Before choosing to undergo any type of surgery, it is important to fully understand the benefits, risks and possible outcomes. At the DFW Spine Institute , we are dedicated to helping our patients in their journey to finding relief.

Having performed more than 20,000 procedures, our skilled medical professionals are world-class and highly acclaimed. With awards like Patient’s Choice and Becker’s Surgeons to Watch, our surgeons are not only invested in offering the highest quality care and service, but also in helping treat your pain and symptoms.

Understanding potential risks and outcomes

Traditionally, the only alternative to a life of spine pain was an invasive open neck or back procedure. Although effective in treating the underlying conditions, this type of procedure is accompanied by a host of downfalls, including:

  • Higher risk of complication

  • Greater risk of infection

  • Higher risk of failed back surgery syndrome

  • Longer recovery times, generally 2-6 months

  • Larger incisions, generally 4-7+ inches in length

  • Longer hospital stays, generally 2-4 nights

At the DFW Spine Institute , we know that accepting the above risks is difficult, which is why our surgeons have gone through years of training in order to perform minimally invasive spinal procedures that offer patients access to safer and gentler effective surgical solutions. Our minimally invasive procedures carry a host of benefits over traditional open spine surgery, including:

  • Incisions as small as 3mm

  • Customized procedures based on each patient’s specific needs

  • Lower risk of infection

  • Lower risk of complication

  • Fellowship-trained and experience minimally invasive spine surgeons

  • No Long recovery period

  • True minimally invasive procedures

  • Minimal if any tissue disruption

  • Faster recovery

If you are living a life of pain, do not wait to find relief. Contact us today for more information.