Dr. Bryce Benbow | Patient Reviews

“I highly recommend Dr. Benbow if you want to be pain free.”

Before selecting the best surgeon and surgery center to treat your chronic neck or back pain, it is important to review all of your available options, including exploring patient reviews. No surgery comes with a guarantee, but what we can promise is that by choosing Dr. Benbow, or any of the expert surgeons at the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, you will obtain the greatest level of care and service available.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Benbow has treated hundreds of patients, ultimately assisting them in obtaining a better quality of life—free from pain. Specializing in minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Benbow has a dedication and commitment to going the extra mile, offering the highest level care and service. Each patient that Dr. Benbow sees is thoroughly examined, ensuring that they are given the greatest level of relief through treatment.

Here are some real patient reviews of Dr. Benbow with the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute:

“I highly recommend Dr. Benbow and his staff. They’re kind, caring and skillful. HI fused three vertebrae in my neck using a minimally invasive technique. I walked out of surgery and haven’t had a pain pill since. After a year of healing, all of the bone growth is fused. During that year I have had NO pain. Dr. Benbow and his staff have given me the freedom to live a full life with no pain and suffering. I would definitely trust him with any future surgeries that I may need.” -Jay B.

“I was referred to Dr. Benbow by my doctor in Aberdeen. My first visit to my last visit were great. They take care of your needs. They answer your questions and will explain everything to you. They make you feel good about your surgery. When I was going in for surgery I was very scared. Dr. Benbow was very affirming that everything was going to be fine. It was very worth it.” Holly W.

“My sincerest thanks to you, Dr. Benbow! After two previous surgeries, I have received the gift of 100% recovery. You combined leading edge science with the art of a master’s healing hand.” -Greg S.

“My experience since having neck surgery could not have been better. Since Dr. Benbow performed my surgery I have had no pain whatsoever. This is saying a lot since my pain on a scale of 0-10 was a 9.9. I was blessed by being referred to Dr. Benbow. It’s like having been given life again. I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Benbow and his staff.” -J.R. Foster

“My experience was awesome. Dr. Benbow did my surgery and all his staff were great. I highly recommend Dr. Benbow if you want to be pain free.” Sabina V.

If you are living in pain, Dr. Benbow may be able to help you regain your quality of life. Contact us today to see if you may be a candidate for a minimally invasive surgery.

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