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Why treat spine pain with excruciating old-fashioned, open back and neck surgery when you have minimally invasive spine surgery as an option? With a minimally invasive spine procedure there is no long recovery period. Patients commonly avoid hospital stays and have the benefit of incisions as small as 3mm that often only require a Band-Aid® afterward. Minimally invasive surgery also greatly reduces the risk of infection and complications. Many patients who come to the DFW Spine Institute are back on their feet within hours and can return to work within a few days to a couple of weeks.

To get the full benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery, a patient needs to be treated by expert surgeons who are properly trained. Many clinics use pain-management physicians instead of fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons to perform these spinal procedures. The DFW Spine Institute surgical team is among the most elite in the world. Every surgeon is fellowship trained in spine surgery and selected to join the MISI team because of his or her clinical and surgical expertise. See the difference for yourself now. 


Customized Treatment

Customized Treatments

The DFW Spine Institute surgeons perform a comprehensive list of spine procedures tailored to each patient’s specific condition and never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Because we have the ability to treat pain using minimally invasive and laser spine surgery, in many cases our patients experience only local anesthesia, day surgery and a Band-Aid® for healing, resulting in less recovery time, less trauma and less scarring.

Innovative Pain Mapping

Innovative Pain Mapping

Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, pain mapping is a groundbreaking process that allows for the precise pinpointing and isolation of back and neck pain. When a nerve becomes irritated, it can be extremely challenging to find the exact pain source and often MRIs or CT scans are not adequate. For all of the minimally invasive spine surgery procedures done by DFW Spine Institute doctors, we use real-time, medication-filled X-ray injections to find the specific nerve causing the pain, a procedure that is highly successful and rare to find among our peers, as it must be performed by a trained physician.


Fellowship-Trained Specialists

Our surgeons are trained spine specialists, specifically fellowship-trained and educated in the most innovative, minimally invasive technologies on the market. As leaders in their field, the MISI doctors are advisors to many international spine technology companies and have helped design groundbreaking tools for the spine surgery industry.


The Checklist

It is more important than ever for patients to not only interview doctors, but to know what questions to ask as well as the correct answers. When comparing your options for minimally invasive spine surgery, make sure others offer the same benefits as MISI’s world-class physicians and surgeons.

Here’s what minimally invasive has to offer:

  • Fellowship-trained spine surgeons

  • No Long Recovery Period

  • Innovative pain mapping process

    · Isolates specific source and location of pain
    · Enables surgeons to treat the specific area in least invasive way possible

  • True minimally invasive procedures

    · No tearing of muscles

  • Incisions as small as 3mm

  • Customized procedures based on each patients specific needs

    · Each Operation is tailored our patients’ individual needs

  • Real pain relief. That lasts.

    · Our team has helped over 20,000 patients overcome back and spine pain. Click Here to check out some of their stories