Are you a candidate?

Spine surgery is a big step.  At MISI we realize that it can be a big decision for you. Many times surgery is not needed at all. Our physicians treat spine conditions with the most conservative methods possible through injections and/or medications, as well as physical therapy. But, if surgery is needed we will offer you the most minimally invasive techniques available, reducing your recovery time and with less scaring, if any.

There are several symptoms which may indicate that you need surgery and will want to discuss with your physician.

  • Persistent or worsening pain or numbness after all conservative treatment options have been exhausted.
  • Tingling or numbness in extremities
  • Pain that keeps you awake at night.
  • Back pain that interrupts physical activity – working out, gardening, jogging, yoga, etc.
  • Difficulty standing or walking for long periods of time
  • Debilitating back pain that keeps you from normal activities of daily living
  • Pain that keeps you from enjoying activities with family, children or grandchildren
  • Previous open back surgery but still experiencing pain

While symptoms may not be indicative of the need for surgery, it is wise to see a specialist about chronic pain to determine if minimally invasive back surgery is right for you.

To find out if you are a candidate for a Minimally Invasive Spine procedure, please fill out the Contact Us form. Our Patient Care Advocates will contact you to discuss your symptoms. They will also guide you in submitting any existing MRI report so that you may be evaluated and scheduled with one of our board-certified, fellowship trained spine specialist.