The Minimally Invasive Surgical Alliance

Minimally invasive surgery, advancing our community.


The Minimally Invasive Surgical Alliance is a partnership formed by the Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute and Pine Creek Medical Center.

The MIS Alliance was formed to help raise awareness and educate the community of the benefits and availability of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). We want you to know that the best alternative solution is right here—no need to travel for world-class surgeons and procedures.


MIS is an alternative to traditional open procedures. These minimally invasive procedures offer increased benefits with a fraction of the risk associated with their traditional counterparts. From minimally invasive spine procedures, to gynecology, hand, foot and ENT, choosing MIS means choosing the safest, most effective alternative to traditional surgery.

Commonly performed endoscopically or microscopically, these procedures carry numerous benefits over traditional surgery. And, due to the small incision and limited disruption to tissues and muscles, offer quicker recovery times.


Small incision. Shorter recovery. Back to your life.

As a patient, your quality of life is important. Spending months recovering from invasive procedures can rob you of the things you enjoy most—but that may not be your only option. Unlike traditional surgical procedures, MIS requires only a small incision, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to complete complex procedures. Not only does this require a shorter (or nonexistent) hospital stay, but also allows you to get back to your life within days—not months.

Benefits of choosing MIS:
• Small incision
• Shorter recovery
• Minimal blood loss
• Shorter time under anesthesia
• Statistically safer and more effective
• Fewer complications
• Quicker procedures

Choosing an MIS procedure allows you get back to your daily activities quicker, including the people and hobbies that you love. No longer does surgery require weeks away from the office as you struggle through an aggressive and tedious recovery. With MIS, you can get back to your life in no time.


Dating back to the early 1900s, MIS is anything but “new.” However, as technology and medicine have advanced, the types of procedures performed in this manner have evolved exponentially, now offering MIS as an alternative to virtually every common procedure.

However, even with the long history of development, many MIS surgeons have not been performing the MIS procedures as long as it may appear. When looking for an MIS surgeon, some of the most important areas to look for include:

• Years of MIS practice
• Types of MIS procedures performed
• Number of patients treated through MIS
• Level of patient satisfaction

The MIS Alliance was created to help patients, like you, navigate these questions with ease. Our doctors and surgeons have more than 70 years of combined MIS experience. Performing a variety of procedures, you can rest assured that you are in good hands, no matter your ailment. With over thousands of patients served, we are proud to share our patients’ success stories.

Whether you are struggling through back, neck, hand, foot or other pain, don’t wait. There may be an MIS alternative to the open procedure you’ve been recommended.

Don’t let the fear of being down count you out. Find your MIS alternative today.

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