MIS (Minimally Invasive) procedures vs traditional surgery

MIS Procedures vs Traditional Surgery

One of the most common questions we hear at the DFW Spine Institute is: what is the difference between minimally invasive surgery and traditional surgery? Though every procedure is different, including varying levels of invasiveness, there are a few major differences between minimally invasive spine surgery and traditional spine surgery that span the majority of procedures offered.

Below are some of the telling characteristics of each category of surgery.

Traditional Spine Surgery

The cornerstone difference between minimally invasive surgery and traditional surgery is the invasiveness of the procedures. Traditionally, the majority of spine surgeries were conducted through long incisions. These can result in increased trauma to the body. Other characteristics of traditional spine surgery include:

  • Longer incisions, generally 4-7plus inches in length
  • Longer hospital stays, generally 2-4 nights
  • Higher risk of complication
  • Greater risk of infection
  • Long recovery times, generally 2-6 months
  • Inability to regain complete mobility in many cases
  • Higher risk of failed back surgery syndrome

Though traditional surgery may be the only option for some patients, the majority of patients are able to have minimally invasive procedures and find lasting relief from back and neck pain.

MIS (Minimally Invasive) Procedures

Minimally invasive spine surgery is an effective alternative to traditional open procedures. WIth the ability to treat a number of the most common conditions, pain and symptoms, minimally invasive spine surgery is able to provide a number of benefits over traditional surgery.  Some advantages of MIS surgery at the DFW Spine Institute vs. traditional open surgery include:

  • Fellowship-trained experienced minimally invasive spine surgeons
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Innovative pain mapping process
    • Isolates specific source and location of pain
    • Enables surgeons to treat the specific area in least invasive way possible
  • True minimally invasive procedures
  • Minimal tearing of muscles
  • Incisions as small as 3mm
  • Customized procedures based on each patient’s specific needs
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Lower risk of complication
  • Our team has helped over 40,000 patients overcome back and spine pain

If you are suffering from a spine condition that requires surgical attention, do not settle for a traditional open procedure. Contact us today to talk to one of our skilled patient coordinators and to see if we may be able to offer you relief through our minimally invasive procedures at the DFW Spine Institute .

Advantages of choosing the DFW Spine Institute

Unlike other medical facilities, we offer both conservative and surgical treatment solutions. That allows us to strategically treat our patients throughout their entire journey. Before recommending surgery, our skilled medical professionals will craft a conservative treatment plan, ensuring that all possible opportunities for relief are explored.

Our minimally invasive procedures allow us to avoid the complications and disadvantages of traditional open surgeries. These include:

  • Smaller incision
  • Minimally blood loss
  • Outpatient procedures or a shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery

If you are suffering from lower back pain, do not wait to find the relief that you deserve. Begin the process to reclaiming your quality of life today by contacting us. We will help you navigate your diagnosis, understand your condition, symptoms and the available treatment options.