Occipital Block

An occipital block is a nerve block in which a steroid or similar medication is injected into the area surrounding the occipital nerves. These nerves are located on the back of the head, above the neck area.

When to use an Occipital Block

The occipital block is generally used to reduce swelling and inflammation around the occipital nerves. This often brings patients relief from pain and symptoms associated with the inflammation or irritation of the nerves. The most common symptoms treated by the occipital block are headaches and migraines.

Occipital blocks may be administered at the doctor’s discretion, but generally are utilized in a consistent manner as needed.

Will an Occipital Block Cure My Spine Condition?

Occipital blocks are used to treat the pain and symptoms associated with the occipital nerve. Generally, occipital blocks are effective in treating pain and symptoms such as headaches and migraines. Occipital blocks are generally used to fulfill two purposes. First, to ensure that the occipital nerve is the source of the patient’s pain and symptoms, and second to eliminate those symptoms.

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