Lumbar bone spurs

Pinched Nerve in the back

A pinched nerve in the back is caused by elements within the spinal column impinging or compressing the nerve root in the spine, causing the peripheral nerve to become irritated.

What Causes Pinched nerves in the Back?

Pinched nerves in the back are commonly caused by other spinal conditions. Any condition that causes spinal elements such as intervertebral disc material or bone spurs to migrate into the spinal column can cause a compressed or pinched nerve in the back. This generally results in painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Pinched nerve in the back Symptoms

Pinched nerves in the back often cause chronic pain that can radiate down a patient’s arms and legs. Because the nerve roots are the source of feeling, compression in this area can impact a number of common sensations. Some of the pinched nerve symptoms treated by minimally invasive procedures at the DFW Spine Institute include:

  • Inability to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Radiating pain down legs
  • Weakness in legs and feet
  • Numbness
  • Localized pain in back
  • Tingling

The MISI Approach to Treating Pinched Nerves in the Back

Choosing to undergo pinched nerve in the back surgery is never an easy choice. At the DFW Spine Institute we are dedicated to helping educate patients about their conditions, and the most effective, and safest treatments available. Our first course of action for patients suffering from pinched nerves in the back is to begin conservative treatment options. If these options fail to bring relief or the compression is severe, the trained minimally invasive surgeons at MISI are able to utilize truly minimally invasive MicroCision procedures to treat your pinched nerve in the back.

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If you are suffering from a pinched nerve in your back, you may be experiencing chronic pain and symptoms. If conservative options have failed to bring you relief, contact us today. We offer a no cost MRI review  of your existing MRI or CT to determine whether you may be a candidate for a MicroCision minimally invasive procedure to treat your pinched nerve at the DFW Spine Institute .