Preventative and Therapeutic Stretches

Preventative and therapeutic stretches are generally used as a conservative treatment solution in which patients are recommended specific stretching and low-impact exercise programs to assist with the treatment of pain caused by common spine conditions.

When to use Preventative and Therapeutic Stretches

If you have been diagnosed with one or more common spinal conditions, the first step to finding relief is to better understand your condition and the reason for your pain. At the DFW Spine Institute , we use preventative and therapeutic stretches to help show patients the proper ways to stretch and move their bodies safely. Often, these preventative and therapeutic stretches help to loosen the back and neck, eliminating a portion of the pain and associated symptoms.

Will preventative and therapeutic stretches cure my spine condition?

Preventative and therapeutic stretches are a great conservative solution to explore if you are suffering from new onset of common spine conditions with moderate pain. Learning how to best move your body is often helpful in alleviating pain and symptoms. However, preventative and therapeutic stretches are generally not a “cure” for spine conditions, but rather able to assist with the management of severe or chronic pain.

Conditions whose associated symptoms are commonly treated with preventative and therapeutic stretches include:

The DFW Spine Institute Approach

At the DFW Spine Institute our main priority is helping patients find relief. In many cases, this means educating patients on the proper ways to stretch and move their bodies to alleviate unnecessary strain and pressure on the spine. However, depending on the level or severity of your condition, preventative and therapeutic stretches may be insufficient in treating your underlying pain and symptoms, which is why we offer a variety of other conservative and minimally invasive treatments.

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