Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are a conservative treatment option used to treat muscle pain through trigger points in the neck and back. During the procedure, the medical professional will locate the trigger point, generally a knot or tension point within the muscle, and inject a numbing medication or saline into the area, alleviating the pain and associated symptoms.

When to use Trigger Point Injections

Commonly recommended as a pain management solution for patients suffering from muscle-related pain, trigger point injections are often able to offer patients relief from chronic and debilitating symptoms. Trigger points may develop as a result of trauma, post-surgery and in association with other spine conditions. In these cases, trigger point injections may be able to assist in the treatment of the muscle pain and accompanying symptoms.

Will Trigger Point Injections Cure My Spine Condition?

Trigger point injections are generally able to alleviate pain found within the muscles of the neck and back. If you are suffering from trauma or stress induced muscle pain, trigger injections may be an effective solution to treating your chronic pain and symptoms.

The DFW Spine Institute Approach

Living with chronic pain and symptoms related to muscle pain can be debilitating. At the DFW Spine Institute it is our goal to ensure that our patients find the highest level of relief possible. We craft specialized care plans to assist each patient in combatting the conditions and symptoms that affect their quality of life.

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