Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA)

Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) is a state-of-the-art imaging technology that allows our skilled medical professionals to obtain a higher level of understanding surrounding the mechanics of your spine. This innovative technology allows our doctors to isolate areas of the spine during testing, identifying any area of instability with a greater level of accuracy than that of traditional imaging.

When to use a Vertebral Motion Analysis

VMA allows our medical professionals to obtain a complete image of the spine through motion, identifying any areas of potential instability. This type of dynamic imaging is necessary in determining whether a patients is a candidate for most neck and back surgeries that relate to stabilizing the spine.

Will a Vertebral Motion Analysis Cure My Spine Condition?

The VMA imaging is a diagnostic tool used by medical professionals to ensure that the most accurate treatment plan is recommended. Undergoing VMA testing will increase the accuracy of your doctor’s understanding and perception of your condition.

Because the VMA is a diagnostic imaging test, it is not a treatment for any conditions. Rather it is a tool used during the diagnosis of conditions and recommendation of further care.

The DFW Spine Institute Approach

At the DFW Spine Institute we are committed to using the most innovative, effective and safest tools and techniques to offer the greatest level of care and service available. Our use of VMA imaging is no exception. Our skilled medical professionals utilize this and other tests to ensure that each patient is given the world-class care that they deserve.

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